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Become a Better Property Manager Whether you lease one condo or manage an entire apartment complex, Greenhouse PM will help ease the day-to-day burdens of rental property management. Greenhouse PM has been intuitively designed from the ground up with emphasis on simplicity, ease-of-use, and effectiveness.

For a mere $0.50 per unit per month ($10 monthly minimum), you can begin using Greenhouse PM.
There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, no setup fees, and no gimmicks.

Essential information from the moment you log in

The Overview gives you a bird's-eye view of the current status of your property management business. From here, you can record rent that you've received, quickly get a snapshot of revenue and expenses, and click-through to your actively managed leases.

Your units get center stage

Greenhouse PM goes far beyond simply associating a tenant with a unit. From the Unit Profile you can record Expenses or Income, create Work Orders for maintenance tasks, create new Unit Listings for advertising available units, upload and manage images and documents, and even manage the details of every appliance installed in that unit!

Day-to-day operations just got easier

Greenhouse PM will automatically notify you when certain events take place, such as when a new Work Order has been assigned to you, a new Enquiry has been received for one of your listed units, or a lease is within 60 days of expiring. You can also schedule notifications for yourself (or your team) to act as reminders for follow-up items.

Give your tenants the access they need

Greenhouse PM now provides a simple web portal for your tenants. Using this portal, your tenants will be able to easily keep track of their current and previous leases, add new service requests for your maintenance staff, and even pay their rent online through our new integration with PaymentSpring!
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Collect rent payments online

PaymentSpring Greenhouse PM has partnered with PaymentSpring to provide effortless online rent payments! After completing a simple on-boarding process, you will be able to receive ACH rent payments directly into your bank account. Best yet, this optional service is only...
$5.00 per month, plus $0.50 per rent transaction
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Simplified accounting, no CPA required

Many times, property management software is simply accounting software with some added functionality. With Greenhouse PM, we decided that the ultimate focus should be on managing your properties and leases, not balancing a ledger. The result of this decision is a non-intrusive, customizable double-entry Accounting system. Features such as Account Balance Summaries and the Income Statement provide a simple alternative to the highly complex accounting systems on the market today. Like the rest of Greenhouse PM, the Accounting system is designed to grow with your business, not become your business.

Fair pricing, no hidden costs

Greenhouse PM is simply the most cost-effective property management software on the market today. We've devised an extremely simple pricing model that is designed to grow with larger businesses while remaining cost-effective for single-unit landlords. Some competitors charge exhorbitant set-up fees or monthly minimums. Others charge in tiers that make you pay for more than you need.

With Greenhouse PM, you will pay exactly $0.50 per month per unit managed, with a $10 monthly minimum.
No setup fees. No cancellation fees. No contracts.

Other features include:

Unit Listings

Greenhouse PM makes it easy to create advertisements for your units. Simply enter some information and add some pictures, and you'll be able to publish your new listing wherever you'd like...all for no additional charge

Multiple Users

Greenhouse PM provides the ability for you to add multiple users to the same account for no additional charge. You can assign roles like "Maintenance" and "Tenant", and permissions are granted accordingly

File Storage

Now you can save images and documents with the units and leases they pertain to! Whether they be unit images, a signed lease, or homeowner information, you'll always know where to find them.


You can add your own unit types, vendor types, address types, and accounts. These types are then available to all additional users under your account, and they can be modified or deleted if necessary.

Work Orders

Keep track of maintenance requests with Work Orders! You can create a work order and optionally assign it to any one of your team members, and it's easy to track the progress of a work order at any time.

24/7/365 Security

Greenhouse PM utilizies SSL encryption and does not store customer credit card data (payments are processed by a PCI-Compliant payment gateway). Rest assured that your data is safe and always available.

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