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Tenant Portal

Greenhouse PM provides an easy-to-use Tenant Portal which enables your tenants to view their current or upcoming leases, create new work orders (service requests) and track their progress, and pay their rent online.

Enabling the Tenant Portal

The Tenant Portal must be enabled for each tenant you add to the Greenhouse system. This process is very simple:

  • Go to the tenant's profile
  • Click 'Edit Tenant'
  • Check 'Portal Enabled' and click 'Save Changes'

If the tenant's portal password has not been initialized, you will need to set an initial password and communicate this to the tenant. (They will be able to change their password after logging in.)

Getting the correct link

The link to the Tenant Portal login is specific to your Greenhouse PM account. This ensures that tenants are always able to log in to the appropriate portal should they ever rent from more than one Greenhouse PM customer.

Your Tenant Portal Login link can be found on the Tenant Profile. Once you've enabled portal access and set an initial password, communicate this link to the tenant along with their initial password and they will be able to log in and review their information.